PT. Unican Surya Agung, is a confectionery company, based in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. The company was established in 1980, with factory located in Kapuk, North Jakarta.

In 1995, we expanded by having second factory, build on ± 50.000 m2 with modern facilities and laboratory in Cikande, Serang, Banten - Indonesia. The laboratory and QC procedures which have been certified by ISO 9001:2008 will guarantee the hygienic and the quality of our products to be consumed.

We make candies with both hard and soft candies, from milk candy Milkita, to fresh candies like Unican Cola, DeFanty, Split, Super Zuper, Jagoan Neon. In fact, we are the first confectionery company, which produced, introduced, and established the pillow-pack packaging in Indonesia.

All of our candies always use safe and healthy ingredients for our consumers. Quality is our core value in our products. Continuously, we launch new products that satisfy the needs of the consumers.

Our children deserve happiness and good things in their lives, that is why we always make best candies for them.



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